Free Phone Calls with Magic Jack USB Phone Jack

Is the Magic Jack phone popup screen
bothering you? You can correct that!

Set up a new user profile for your Magic Jack
OR install the free program MagicBlock v1.2!

Order Magic Jack USB Phone Jack Risk Free Trial NOW!

1. Set up a new Magic Jack user profile.

The Official instructions for Windows XP New User Profile Setup have now been removed by Microsoft.

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, this process is a bit more complicated due to user rights configuration.

If you have an Intel Mac, just check how to do something similar in Mac user forums or from Apple web site.

If Magic Jack has its own user account profile and you don't log into that account, you will not see those popups show up!


2. Download and install the MagicBlock v1.2 Freeware Program
for Windows XP, Vista or 7. No utility available for a Mac (Yet!).

Magic Block prevents Magic Jack popup screen coming up.

Kudos to Jeff at for making this available for FREE!

Magic Block has a check box to disable Magic Jack popups.

Download MagicBlock v1.2 direct from (CNet).
Download it! (564.8 Kb.)
Ratings: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

MagicBlock 1.2 will work on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7,
but it requires .NET Framework 3.0 (provided free with Windows Update).

UPDATE: A similar Magic Jack pop-up blocking software program called Magic Control
is also available, but I have not been able to test it yet. I hope to report on that here soon.

Order Magic Jack USB Phone Jack Risk Free Trial NOW!

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Magic Jack offers FREE Unlimited Calling to USA or Canada! Magic Jack allows Unlimited Long Distance calls to USA and Canada!

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