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Area codes available? 42 of 50 USA States!

Magic Jack review for North Carolina (CBS) TV Station News

Magic Jack = The #1 VoIP phone solution!
(VoIP means Voice over Internet Protocol.)

NOTE: There are now plenty of negative Magic Jack videos too.
If anyone uses a bad quality phone OR an Old or Slow computer
without enough RAM, they often blame the Magic Jack instead.
(Spyware &/or other PC problems may also affect performance.)
You need a good connection, an average PC and a decent phone!
2.4 Ghz. Pentium 4 processor and 512+ Mb. of RAM suggested.
(Above specs were considered a top quality computer - in 2002!)

If PC is OK, do Not use a poor quality phone!

Order Magic Jack USB Phone Jack Risk Free Trial NOW!

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Magic Jack info provided here is compiled by a FAN of the magicJack® USB Phone Jack.
It is NOT to be confused with the Official site for magicJack® or YMAX Communications.

Magic Jack offers FREE Unlimited Calling to USA or Canada! Magic Jack allows Unlimited Long Distance calls to USA and Canada!

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